We Say Goodbye to Sam KB

When some people leave it hurts more than others, Sam K-B leaving
might hurt the most. Sam is leaving us to start a Fulbright in Ecuador for
the next ten months and as much as we will miss him, the opportunity he
has is one that we are proud to see him take. Sam came to us via
Slow Food UW, where he started the Cafe that runs each Wednesday out
of the basement of the Crossing. They serve lunch for unreasonably
cheap prices, do it with volunteer labor and use ingredients that are
grown by local farmers. The resemblance the cafe has to the Catacombs lunches that
we did 8 years ago in a church basement garnered our respect
immediately. He had no experience in a kitchen and took on a huge task
that was set in his ambition to create community and introduce
students to better food.


I never felt like we hired Sam, it was more
like he showed up one day and just starting helping us out. Sam
started working for us the week before the fire at Underground Kitchen
closed the restaurant. It could have been a pretty big let down for
lots of people, but Sam was there to help motivate us to try new things
as we sought to define ourselves outside of the restaurant. In the
last half of 2011 and the first half of 2012 we did over 30 pop-ups
that included trips to NYC and Chicago, and the creativity and precision
that Sam brought to these events was essential and felt by everyone
who ate and attended these events. The pop-ups that we did in 2011 and
2012 helped redefine how our collective functioned. We had our largest
crew of members working together to create dishes and events that were
focused on fun and creativity. As we we got closer to opening Forequarter, Sam
was central to the menu development. His development as a cook was
evident and his contributions key. Opening a restaurant is never easy
but Forequarter was a thousand times easier than Kitchen and that was
directly related to the strength of our staff. I was proud of the food
from day one and felt more confident knowing that Sam was in the kitchen
making sure that the ideals and quality we believed in remained intact.
Even though Sam only cooked at Forequarter for three months the menu
and still will always be influenced by his contributions.

It's not often you have a cook leave the kitchen to take a fullbright
scholarship, but Sam was special and he was recognized for
that. He will be greatly missed from the collective and we can only
hope to get a chance to work with him again.   -jonny and crew.