Mussel Menu at Forequarter Monday April 15

Monday, April 15th, Forequarter is hosting a mussel menu in honor of Willemiek Kluijfhout’s film, Mussels in Love.

The Midwestern premiere of the Belgian Documentary will be showing in the Wisconsin Film Festival at Sundance on Friday April 12 and Monday April 15th. 

Free Karben4 beer will will be offered to ticket holders.


"What do you know about the mussel? Sure they are a delicious shellfish served with butter over a bed of fries. But did you know, for instance, that they’re not fished, but reared? And that doctors use mussel glue to save unborn children? A gorgeous, transfixing, and intimate odyssey, Mussels in Love takes us from seabed to restaurant plate, and tells us more about mussels than we could think to ask (Ever seen the Miss Mussel pageant?). In the spirit of Mark Kurlanksy’s illuminating books Cod and SaltWillemiek Kluijfhout digs deep into a single subject and shows just how fascinating and alluring the Zeeland mussel can be. We learn not just about the life cycle of the mussel and how the mussel industry operates, but also about some of the passionate enthusiasts whose lives revolve around the mussel. Featuring sumptuous cinematography that recalls the films of Jean PainlevéMussels in Love is a provocative examination of the myriad relationships humans have with mussels, and how those relationships have and continue to change."

- Tom Yoshikami