Kickstarter Update

In the last few weeks our Kickstarter has received notable attention in the food science and safety community.

Twitter buzz around the project got the attention of chef Michael Ruhlman (@ruhlman) author of Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking and Curing (2005) and Salumi (2012). His Retweet was picked up by Dave Arnold (@cookingissues), formerly of the French Culinary Institute and host of Heritage Radio’s “Cooking Issues with Dave Arnold”. Check out Episode 141 “It’s Paste!” to hear Dave’s support of the project. Stay tuned to heritage radio network later this week to hear a full interview with Underground Owner Jonny Hunter on HACCP plans and the open source Kickstarter.

Additionally, a number of publications have highlighted the project including an article in Food Safety News and Food Tech Connect and have been highlighted in a number of blogs and local news sources such as Food PoliticHeavy Table, andWisconsin State Journal and Milwaukee Mag

We are halfway to funding our goal, so do what you can to support at this point friends! Thanks from all of us here at Underground.