Help Us Publish the First-Ever Open-Source Food Safety Model for Dry-Cured Salami Making.

BIG NEWS today as Underground Food Collective decides to launch its very own Kickstarter. 30 days is gonna whiz by, spread the news and chip in any way you'd like.

• All of us here at UFC feel that we've couldn't be where we are without the increasing levels of access to information in our world. Because of this, we consistently try and give back by giving out info that we are encountering or conjuring up in our kitchen •


Well, we want to do it big this time. 


The Underground Food Collective has decided to publish the very first open-source food safety plan for producing USDA- certified dry-cured salami under the Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain Dedication. It will help eager entrepreneurs of all sizes understand the rules, regulations & safety of opening up a Charcuterie production plant.


The community support behind UFC is the root of our success, and we're excited to bring this project to success with you.