811 Williamson St.

Underground Food Collective is happy to announce a new venture. We plan to open a traditional butcher shop that is part of the Willy St. community; it will provide meat and provisions that are raised by small farmers who are passionate and thoughtful in the way they raise their animals and crops. We will have a selection of roasts, cuts, steaks and sausages that are prepared by our team of butchers who bring that same passion and thoughtfulness to the craft of processing meat. The shop will also serve as a retail outlet for many other types of Underground prepared items, such as jams, pickles, mustards, and krauts. 

The space is located in the historic Williamson Blacksmith building, the namesake for Williamson Street. The building was built in 1872 and has been restored over the years to retain its original outer appearance. The shop will be on the first floor. 

We plan to open by the end of the month, with offerings for Thanksgiving and the holiday season.