We Say Goodbye to Sarah Alt

Sarah worked at Underground Food Collective just over a year and left quite a mark.  When she approached us about coming in to learn how to butcher we offered her a job on the spot. She had worked at two of our favorite farms (Jones Valley andDriftless Organic)  and immediately fit in. We were always impressed by how quickly Sarah picked up on things, especially for someone who had never worked in a kitchen before.

When our restaurant opened Sarah became a staple on the cold side - making salads and focusing on the meat, cheese & bread boards. During the craziness of opening a restaurant it was a relief to have someone you could rely on to take the ingredients you had, and what little information you passed on, and create something wonderful. Again and again the other kitchen staff would exclaim how amazed they were that someone would who had so little experience could be the strongest person on the line - continuously holding down the station when we were slammed.

Sarah is one of the most pleasant and kind people we have had at UFC. She was invaluable to creating a strong community within the staff and left a mark with her ideas and her sense of humor. We will dearly miss Sarah as she moves on to NYC - but we feel confident that we will have many chances to see her and work with her again. Everyone here wishes her the best.