We Say Goodbye to Mathias Krueckeberg

It is rare to find someone in a kitchen as genuine and kind as Mathias Krueckeberg. It is perhaps even more rare to have found someone who took cleaning as seriously as Mathias, establishing himself as a legend within the Meat Inspecting community. Just weeks before Kitchen burned, we hired Mathias to keep our meats department clean, sanitized, and organized.  He was the first to arrive in the morning and often the last to leave. Working closely with the Meat Inspectors, Mathias helped establish legitimacy to Underground's new business venture and, after losing the restaurant, became a crucial asset in the expansion of Meats.

His innate curiosity and excitement translated to what we believe was some of the finest sausage stuffing and meat fermentation in Madison this last year. It's that same curiosity and excitement that has led him in search of new opportunities, experiences, and love in Boston. 

Although sad to say goodbye to Mathias, a valuable resource, skilled butcher, great friend, legend--we admire his sense of adventure and optimism, and wish him nothing but the best of luck. Come back often, we will sincerely miss you.