We Say Goodbye to Heather Allen

We hired Heather Allen to help us organize our businesses. We realized we could no longer operate as a group of friends who casually catered some weddings and hosted some events. Someone was needed to tackle some of the more difficult parts of expansion - our meat processing company and our restaurant, Underground Kitchen- as well increase client communication through our catering company.

We didn't have a formal job description for her when we hired her- we just knew that she was the right person. It was immediately evident that having her work with us was one of the best decisions we ever made. She single-handedly took on client communication, licensing, promotion, catering menu organization, hiring, graphics, photography, employee communication and generally made sure that things got done when needed.

It is amazing the benefits we have seen at UFC because of Heather.  She has been an incredible asset to the growth & profitability of our business.  We will miss Heather's hard work and dedication, but more than anything we will miss her kindness, care and thoughtfulness around UFC.

We wish her good luck in Seattle and hope that she visits us often.