We Say Goodbye to Amelia Pisapia

It seems that it is the time of year when our friends decide to pick up and move on from Madison. And there's no doubt about it that we're losing one of our most beloved. Amelia is heading to Italy and then to New York. Amelia started working for us in the summer of 2010 and left quite a mark on our organization. When the restaurant opened we instantly realized what an amazing server she was. We quickly started to heap more and more responsibility and she never complained and continued to excel through the madness that opening a first restaurant could be. She brought a sense of calm to a sometimes hectic first few months. As we got to know her better we realized what a smart and caring person we had hired. We were inspired by her passion for story telling and her goals to be a writer and/or reporter. After the fire Amelia took on an important role for us, working on catering and began to do stories on our website. As she moves on to a different place we know that she will be successful and are proud of her for pursuing her goals.