Three's Company - Fall CSA

This CSA is currently underway. To get in on the remaining two pickups, send us an email

Who the hell knows why we're naming this CSA after a show only two of us have heard of and one has actually seen, but we're going for it. While we can only hope that Janet Wood, Chrissy Snow and Jack Tripper will be here in character to greet you upon pick-up, all we can say for sure is that they will definitively be here is spirit. Spread the word. This offering won't go to reruns until spring.

:: When it Happens ::

1st Pickup: "The Wood" - October 19th

2nd Pickup: "The Tripper" - November 9th

3rd Pickup: "The Snow" - November 30th


:: What you Get ::

You'll receive a hearty mix of items from the cure room, which may include:

- Our classic and also new varieties of Saucisson Secs -

Hot Secs, Mexican Secs, Italian Secs, French Secs, Fall Secs, etc.

- Our own versions of the traditional European dry cured sausages -

Soppressata, Tuscan Salami, Farm Style Peperone, Genoa Salami, 'nduja

- Traditional and new method European dry cured whole muscles - 

 LomoCoppa, Air Cured Hams, Pancetta & Lardons

- There will also be fresh and prepared  items -

Lamb Merguez, pork/goat sausages, Veal liver Pate, Head Cheese, Goat Bacon, Cherry Smoked Bacon, etc.


:: What it Costs ::

$150 - New CSA participants

$135 - Returning CSA participants


:: How to Get ::

Send an email with how many shares you'd like to  


:: How to Pay ::

Send a check made out to "UFC" to

"Three's Company"

Underground Food Collective 

931 E. Main St. Suite 17

Madison WI 53703

or pay by card/cash/check upon pickup. 


:: Pick-up or Delivery ::

This CSA we're happy to be working with Scram! Couriers to offer local delivery of our CSAs.

Pricing depends on zone, but will run from an additional $5 - $10.

Please include an address if you're interested in this service and we will add it to your order. 

We will also have our traditional pickups here at 931 E. Main St. Suite 17.  

Pick up times will be 2:30pm - 7:00pm on the scheduled days. 


:: Send any Questions ::