Roller Coaster Farms

Earlier this month we took a trip to Roller Coaster Farms in Darlington, WI where Charlotte Doherty and Bob Bernadoni are raising sixty Tamworth hogs that we'll be using almost exclusively in our pork products over the next few months. Their farm is 70 miles SW of Madison and as the name suggests, is nested in some of the most beautiful steep, rolling hills that the Midwest has to offer. We were treated to a full tour of their property and facilities, and were beyond grateful for Charlotte and Bob's kindness and hospitality, and more than impressed with their knowledge and care for their processes. It was nice to check up on the animals and get a glimpse into what goes on in raising them.

Jerry's notes on the Tamworth hog :: The Tamworth is one of the oldest breeds of heritage hogs. The breed is very mild mannered and friendly, known for the gentle care they bring to their young. Tamworths carry a characteristic red color and have great depth to their sides making them well known for bacon. There is a lot of uncertainty as to where the breed originated. The general consensus is that they originated in the Midlands of England and take the name of the town of Tamworth in Staffordshire. The breed gained popularity in the 19th century and gained recognition as a breed at the English Royal Show in 1865. The Tamworth was brought into North America in the 1870's.

If you've signed up for our classes this weekend, or sign up for any upcoming classes over the next few months, we'll be working with the Tamworths.