Medatative Abstractions

The Underground Food Collective is happy to announce the joint exhibition of siblings, Angela and Adam Johnson: "Meditative Abstractions".  The collection of photographs and paintings revolve around connecting with and being in nature, meditation, contemplation, inspiration and the idea of both abstracting and combining the themes above together. Currently showing at the central downtown library during the month of August, with a closing reception catered by UFC on August 25th from 7 - 9 pm. 

Adam and Angela are deeply invested in the downtown Madison community and hope this exhibition can contribute to it in several ways. Remembering that a decade ago the Johnson family suffered the loss of a 10-year-old cousin, Mikey, and his mother, Annie, in an apartment fire in Monona, Adam and Angela have generously decided to donate 30% of the proceeds from sales of art in this show to helping the displaced residents and business from the recent Webster St. / Underground Kitchen fire.

For inquiries about the show or to purchase artwork please contact Angela at (608) 212-5384 or

About the Artists:

Angela is an artist, museum educator, and teacher who looks to creativity, beauty, and learning in everything she does. Photography is a media she feels deeply connected with. She is intrigued with how the use of line, color and light captured in a photograph can create a mood. Freezing a moment in nature up-close can reveal the intricate beauty of seemingly simple elements, such as a flower petal. Taking intimate images of nature really gives her an opportunity to renew her spirit and ground herself to the natural harmony and beauty of the earth.  Angela's images, are meant to be used in meditation, daily reflection or as a mantra to nature.

Adam enjoys hiking, canoeing and backpacking. He feels connected with nature, breathing in fresh air, loves being outdoors and utilizes this love to be the basis of his inspiration for creating art. The three media he works in are spray paint, acrylic, and mosaic.  He creates paintings on canvas using spray paint and acrylic. He also makes mosaic furniture using old tables and benches. He likes to create artwork with the general theme of nature but keeps it abstract enough that each individual viewer can make their own unique interpretation and connection with his work.