Gin and Tonics plus BBQ at the Corral Room (116 s. hamilton)

Tuesday November 15, 2011

We're pleased to announce that we'll be returning to the Corral Room's white leather embrace for the next UFC bar pop-up Tues., November 15th--a collaboration with our friends from Nostrano and North Shore Distillery. What they were trying to prove isn't entirely clear, but the event was conceived by Hastings and spiritual advisor Grant Hurless as a sort of quininereductio ad absurdum. They'll tailor 5 distinct* tonic recipes to suit each spirit: North Shore's aquavit, vodka and three gins: the #6, #11 and Mighty. We'll be serving barbecue, so naturally some beer and whiskey will sneak into a cocktail or two. All cocktails $6, 8pm-12:30AM

*The mulled cider tonic from the last event will be served at Jonny's barbecue & soda stand in bottle strength, pre-carbonated and clarified form, in a bottle.