CSAs return!

We're happy to announce that the first 1/4 of the 2012 Underground Meats CSAs begins January 25th!

All of our CSA offerings run for three months. Each month's package contains around 3lbs of tasty meats prepared by the crew at Underground Meats. This winter we plan to offer a mix of fresh / prepared products like pork, veal, and other yummy sausages, marinated pork, and our liver pate, and other items. We'll also plan to throw in some of our classic cured products, including peperonesoppressatasaucisson sec, and guanciale as well as items we make only for our subscribers. It's pretty fantastic. Click the "Read More" link for more details. 

painting by Gustave Caillebotte


Subscription Details:

Sign up for one month, two months or all three months. 3 month subscriptions receive a bit of a discount. 


Send an email to meats@undergroundfoodcollective.org

Let us know how many months/pickups you'd like to reserve and, specifically, which pickups you plan to come. We'll put you down and send you a confirmation of the dates.  And, we don't yet know what we'll be doing for each pick up date, but just know they're all going to have great items. 

Cost & Payment:

Each month/pickup is $50

If you subscribe for all 3 months, the total cost is $140.

Payment: Please send a check made out to "Underground Catering" to 931 E. Main Street Suite 17 Madison, WI 53703. We can also arrange payment with a card or cash upon pickup. 

2012 Pickup Times:

#1: January 25th |  From 4pm - 7pm

#2: February 22nd  |  From 4pm - 7pm

#3: March 21st  |  From 4pm - 7pm

All pickups take place here at 931 E. Main St. Suite 17

Additional Questions: 

email us at meats@undergroundfoodcollective.org