Underground on the Cover of the Isthmus


Kyle Nabilcy of the Isthmus did a cover piece about Ben and I. It was a really nice piece and we are honored. The most frequent question that we have received since the article came out is when is the next pig dinner going to happen. I can't give a definitive answer to when exactly it will happen but it will happen later this fall most likely in November.

While it is really nice to have some press focused on yourself i would like to mention that Kris Noren and Jon Atwell are both full members of Underground Food Collective. Ben and I have been around the longest but the work we do day in and day out involves these two in every aspect. As we finish up what was a very transitional year for UFC we are looking forward to a lot of new beginnings for UFC in 2010. We have ten pigs coming to us this year, some are already processed and some are still grazing on pasture and eating from the orchard at morren family farm. We will be doing at least 4 dinners in madison based off of these pigs and then we will take the dinners on the road again. We are most likely headed back to NYC in January and would like to do dinners in Milwaukee, Ann Arbor and Detroit. If everything goes according to plans we will start processing and butchering pigs and have an artisan line of salamis, pâté and cured hams that we sell under our own label. Stay tuned for more info.