Underground Meats CSA

Like locally raised meat? Like supporting homegrown Madison businesses? Then be one of the first to join the Underground Meats CSA.


For $300 (for a three month subscription), we'll make sure to keep your fridge stocked with a variety of tasty pork products.* Each month, you'll receive 8lbs of product, including prepared, cured, and smoked items.


Here's a sample of what we'll be offering over the course of the CSA:


Prepared Products:

 - fresh cased pork sausages: Fresh Sage & Ginger w/ Red Wine and Garlic, Sweet and Spicy Italian, Mild Mexican Chorizo


 - cooked products: , pork/veal Mortadella w/ pistachio, hot dogs, lamb merguez, andouille, various terrines. 


 - specialty products: pork/duck/rabbit liver pates, rillettes w/ caramelized onion & fall fruits, herb infused pork butter, pork & rabbit terrine 


Cured/Smoked Product:

 - smoked products: double smoked bacon, smoked summer sausage, smoked sausages. 


 - cured products: Italian bacon, Coppa, Tuscan Salami, Lomo, salted air-cured ham, as well as soppressata, cured snack sticks, and pepperoni   


Pick-ups will occur at the Underground Kitchen from 3 - 6:00pm the first and third Tuesdays of February, March, and April. Each pick-up you will get 4lbs (likely a bit more). We will start February 1st. 


We have limited the number of participants for this period to just 50. Please email us at meats@undergroundfoodcollective.orgto reserve your spot today. 



* indicates that some of our products may contain beef, veal, lamb, duck, or rabbit. e.g. Mortadella and hot dogs have a mix of veal and pork. Or, our rabbit terrine...well, that's rabbit.