Underground Kitchen Cocktail Class Series

The Underground Kitchen is proud to announce Underground's Cocktail Classes, a three-part series of hands-on workshops led by the Kitchen's enthusiastic and highly experienced bartenders. Each course is limited to just 10 participants, allowing for an intimate exploration of the course topics and an opportunity to craft and critique drinks. Classes take place at the Underground Kitchen's Bar and feature snacks prepared by the Kitchen. Each workshop will conclude with an R&D session for a cocktail that will run at the restaurant the following week. Participants leave with a variety of take-away items, including recipe and sourcing cards--as well as produce and aromatics appropriate to the course topic.


Dates :: April 2, April 16, April 30

Time  :: 11:30am - 2:30pm

Place  :: the Underground Kitchen, 127 E. Mifflin St.

Costs  :: $55 for one class, per participant

    $100 for any two classes | $140 for all three classes

Reserve :: email us: bar@undergroundfoodcollective.org


April 2 - #1 Classic Cocktails

In the series’ first class, we kick things off by tracing from the Martinez to Martini and teaching participants how to prepare old favorites: Manhattan and Old Fashioned variations, Sidecars--and lesser known members of the high-proof canon worth revisiting. Participants discuss appropriate contexts for when to shake versus stir, the corresponding impact on dilution and mouth-feel, the many permutations of vermouth, why it's not a cocktail without bitters, and how to make the perfect hand cut ice cubes.


April 16 - #2 Making the Most of Market Day

Not quite sure what to do with an extra few pounds of carrots? Been wondering how to use squash for something other than roasting? In this class, participants learn how to make a number of colorful drinks using seasonal fruit and vegetables, playing sweet off savory, exploiting the cooling sensation offered by borage, and creatively using fresh herbs and aromatics that can be foraged or grown in an herb garden or window box. You'll be way ahead of the curve by the time strawberries appear in June.


April 30 - #3 Tasty Together: Beer in Cocktails + Beer with Food

Learn how the venerable relationship between brewing and distilling extends beyond a beer and a shot--and the rewards of getting the two to share a glass. In this two part class, participants will make beer-based cocktails that run the gamut from aperitif to dessert and also discover how beer may be a more versatile playmate for food than wine: whether priming the palate with a tart Berliner Weisse, enjoying a spicy mid-meal Michelada, or pairing an Abbey Tripel with a sharp cheese. Furthermore, participants learn to subtly accentuate cocktails with hoppy tinctures and beer ice. Yes, beer ice.