The Kitchen Table

Monday, March 7, 2011

We are really excited to announce that we will be hosting family style dinners each monday at the restaurant. The meals will consist of some off menu dishes to be shared with friends and strangers. These dinners take inspiration from our family style meals we have done in the past based on the pre-industrial pig dinners, the celebration of spring and winter and recently our fowl dinner. Seats for these dinners will be reserved by emailing us at or calling the restaurant at 608.514.1516. The reservations will be accepted no sooner then two weeks in advance of the dinner. Many times there will be vegetarian options or an entirely vegetarian meal but sometimes there will not be a vegetarian option. We will do our best to accommodate food allergies and preferences but we can not guarantee to do so. Check the website for details about each meal. 

Cost :: $25 - includes between 4-7 courses. 

Date :: March 7, 2011

Time :: 6:30

Vegetarian Option: No