Summer is summer but what next

So here we are catering a bunch and doing cool events and going to the farmers market out door, and look i may be way ahead of myself by talking about summer in the past tense before its even officially started but...

This is the deal, we booked and filled for the summer time, sure we can fill in a few more events and all but for the most part we feel pretty confident with where we are considering. So naturally i start to think about fall and winter and spring. I like cooking food and this at least for now is how I would prefer to make my living. Which leads to my main point which is that i am not confident in the catering business' ability to provide my income throughout the fall and especially the winter. So it seems like a good time to start thinking about where to go from here.

The dinner at fountain prairie inn was a spectacular success, except that we didn't make any money at it, which we sorta knew would happen because of our pricing and what we wanted to do, and we have ideas on how to fix that but still the question remains 'is this a potential source of income or just something to do for kicks'

I guess this is an opportunity for people to let us know if we should try and make this a real deal. Go to farms make dinners invite cool people out charge a bit of money, stick in the gray area. Hell, there is even a house we have been looking at thinking about getting and hosting dinners on a several times a week kind of deal.

well whatever let me know what you think...