Summer 07

Well two of our busiest weeks are just behind us, part of which was serving 700 people at two different locations at the same time. We also were excited to do the rehearsal dinner for the some of Jane and George Siemon, founding members of Organic Valley. We served some really tasty dishes, such as keefta with lamb from our very own Virginia Goedke of Sylvan Meadows. It was exciting to grind all the lamb from whole cuts and season it. Also we have been featuring tomato salads, not only at home but also at our events. I cant imagine doing an event during this time of year that dosnt have a tomato salad on it. I have been very impressed with Rink DaVee and Jenny Bonde and their ability to keep lettuce available through the tough drought and recent torrents of rain. Speaking of rain, I sincerely hope that the farmers of the Kikapoo Valley are able to salvage their crops from the drastic flooding they have received. Stop and talk to a farmer from that region and ask how far their car ended up from where the parked it after the storm. Anyways, we hope to start writing recaps or post mortum's after each of our events talking about success as well as failure or at least things in which we feel we fell short... or at least weren't perfect in. Also talking about were we sourced things and what looks good right now. check out see pictures from our most recent events and home cooking. thanks to Tim, for helping us out with the last event... heres to him joining up as a partner again.