Rainbow Homestead or Sylvan Family Farms

We love when Jon and Virginia come over for dinner. Their always super enthusiastic and stay way too late considering their 3 hour drive home. The best Shittakee i have ever had, the most amazing stone fruit. Amazing products, great people

Naure Wool -- Rainbow Homestead is a sustainable, vio-diversefarm offering handspun yars, handkits, knitting and spinning supplies, along with heirloom vegetables, fruits, honey and grass fed meats. We sell 100% grass-fed beef and lamb and our pastured pork, along with our yarn at the DCFM year round. Our farming methods exceed the FDA's organic standards. We are intentionally human scale. We choose to husband our land to promote harmony and synergy using Nature's patterns and rhythms. We are creatinga sustainable farm ecosystem where herbal meadows, prairies, hederows, heirloom gardens, orchards, woodlands, and rare breeds or livestock and wildlife flourish.
At Rainbown Homestead, we practice sustainable and humane animal husbandry on 65 bio-diverse acres. Beyond Organic, our holistic approach means farming within nature's pattersn, with natures rhythms. A place where wildlife flourish along side rare breeds of livestock, where heirloom gardensa nd orchards nourish us even as hederows, woodlands andprairies provide haven for all manner of life. Our herbalmeadows provide the ideal diet for our livestock while providing nesting sites, beneficial habitat and sweetnectar for our honeybees. Intentionally "human scale" we choose to homestead and husband our land in a way that promotes harmony and synergy. Our organic, rotationally grazed pastures burst with an edible riot of colors and flavors including sunny dandelions, sky blue chicory, lacy yarrow, sweet scented clovers, and tangy sorrel among the green grasses. Cold hardy forages like turnips and canola extend the forage feastinto winter. Humane treatment is important to us, with our lambs keeping the beautiful long tailes when they were born with. Our lamb and beef are raised 100%pasture forages with no grains ever! Our pastured pork is raised on high quality pasture in addition to certified organic grains. Our wool is treated gently, from start to finish. Our sheep graze lush pastures on our rolling ridetop farm in Vernon County where rare breeds of livestock, wildlife, orchards, woodland, hederows, prairie and herbal meadows co-exist in harmony and synergy. Our entire 65 acresis treatedorganically, with the goal of creating a healthy, bio-diverse farm ecosystem. The sheep are sheared eachspring, the wool is hand sorted and washed using biodegradable soap. The wool is then carded into batts ready to be spun into soft, lofty yarn. Unlike commercial wools, our wool is never treated with chemicals, acids or chemical moth treatments. We also sell wool for spinners, Brittany knitting needles, books, patterns, sheepskins, grass-fed lamb, beef, pork and poultry. Quality Breeding Stock is available.