Pre-Industrial Pig Dinners in NYC

we are excited to announce that Underground Food Collective will be coming to New York in January to do three Pig Dinners: on the 11th, 13th, and 15th. See below for more details.


  • January 11th - Brooklyn, NY tickets on sale at Brown Paper Ticket -SOLD OUT-
  • January 13th - Slow Food NYC Presents: The Pre-Industrial Pig (A Dinner) at Astor Center in Manhattan. Tickets on sale at Astor Center
  • January 15th - Brooklyn, NY tickets on sale at Brown Paper Ticket -SOLD OUT-

Email us at if you have any questions

As the dark and cold of winter sets in, and eating locally seems near impossible, Underground Food Collective invites you to celebrate the bounty of winter with a Pre-Industrial Pig dinner.

As you feast on 8 courses of succulent heritage breed pork you will hear from farmer Henry Morren about raising the Red Wattle pigs under Sumac and Apple trees on his family farm. Listen to Underground Food Collective members, Jonny and Ben Hunter and Kris Noren speak about their dedication to serving good, clean and fair food to all as you enjoy their delicious transformations of rich, earthy vegetables.

Besides the pigs raised at Morren Fruits and Vegetables, Jonny, Kris and Ben will be bringing along a few Wisconsin delights including award-winning Wisconsin cheese, thirst-quenching Wisconsin beer, sweet winter spinach from Snug Haven Farm, and perhaps a surprise or two! Produce from local, sustainable farms will round out the meal.

The dinners this year feature four red wattles that were raised at Henry Morren's Farm in Orfordville, Wi. This is the second year that several pigs (Hampshires and Red Wattles) have been raised outside at the farm, on a large pasture along a fencerow lined with oak, hickory and wild cherry. Another large area of their pasture is seeded with canola, assuring that, along with a daily ration of corn and extruded bean, the pigs have a very broad range of feed. Always out in the fresh air, with more exercise than they want and a reliable source of fresh water (which, on a hot day, the pigs readily convert into their second-favorite activity: wallowing) the pigs, tended also by 4-year-old James, live in excellent health free of hormones and antibiotics. Their only approximation of enclosure is a wooden lean-to with three walls. This year’s pigs, Red Wattles, are an older, rare breed with a gentle disposition and aggressive foraging instinct.