Pictures from Dinner at Fountain Prairie Farms

It seems like the dinner at Fountain Prairie Farm was quite the success. I was amazed by how well everything turned out and the atmosphere was perfect. A huge thank you to John and Dorothy Priske who made the evening quite pleasant and thank you to everyone who decided to come to the dinner. We had such good feedback that we have decided to do these dinners again through the summer, fall and winter. Check the website for more information about future events.

Tim and I decided to take pictures at the event and hopefully Mark Dohm will pass on his pics to us. Here are the links. Please excuse the pictures of Shamus and I wearing the ridiculous chef hats, the priskes seemed to have an extra available in the kitchen.

If you were at the dinner please leave comments about the meal.

------>Edit: I just added a pdf version of the menu. And everyone should check out Mark Dohm's incredible photos over at Wisconsin Cooks. - kev