New York, New York: A Summary

Photo by Lee Davenport

We are just back from a week of sold-out UFC Pig Dinners in NY, NY promoted by Slow Food NYC. We packed as many folks as possible into each event space and had a fantastic time. Thanks to everyone who came and ate dinner with us! We are still basking in the positive response we received and were very glad to see both old friends and new faces at the dinners.

These dinners were conceived to celebrate raising and processing pigs with care and integrity at every level - without short cuts. We didn't know much about pigs two years ago when we first decided to raise, slaughter and process these pigs--with the help of our good friend (and stellar farmer) Henry Morren. It still feels intimidating to think about doing it again, but our knowledge is growing as we continue to meet, and learn from, more and more people raising pigs to these standards.

Through this project, our community of friends had expanded. We are lucky to have met lots of wonderful people along the way, including many who contributed their time and talents to this endeavor. I can't imagine this project succeeding without all of the folks involved--it is what I envision a collective effort to be at its best. Thanks to all!

Although there are *so* many people to thank, I want to especially thank three people. First, thanks to Winnie Yang, who opened her home to us for the third dinner. Thanks to our friend, Johnny Midwest, who hosted a crew of us at his apartment, tolerated us working out of his kitchen all week, and allowed us to host the first dinner at his place. And a monumental thank you to Cecily Upton, who dreamed these NY dinners up with us and then did so much magic to make it happen. It was a pleasure to work alongside and hang out with such a talented and fun person.

Here are some photos that have been posted so far. More to come I'm sure.

Kevin's photos
Lee's photos
Kathya's photos
Andrew's photos
Winnies photos

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