Meat at the Market

Even though the restaurant is currently closed we are going to continue to do our sales of cured meats on saturday. Our friends from Bradbury's Coffeehouse have been kind enough to host us during the close. We will be selling a selection of our cured meats. 

Over the past couple of months, we've had a lot of people ask us, "Hey, where can I get your meat?" While it's possible to stop into the restaurant to gobble up a meat board or head to some area markets to pick up a limited line of items, we're happy to announce that our products will now be available for sale at the Bradbury's Coffeehouse starting Saturday June, 18th.

In addition to wrapped and ready to take Saucisson Sec and Tuscan Goat Salami, we'll also have a range of other cured salami, including Soppressata, Tuscan Salami, Wisconsin Peperone, Genoa Salami, and Spanish Chorizo. Cured whole muscle items like Coppa, Lomo, Air Cured Ham, Tesa and Pancetta will be available in the coming weeks.

Also, each evening at the Underground Kitchen, you'll now be able to purchase packaged tasty meat treats just by asking a server for a product listing.


Meat at the Market

inside of Bradbury Coffeehouse 127 N. Hamilton St.

Saturday July 9th

8am - 11am (or until we sell out).