Me and my Dad and my Daughter and my failed Diner

So I just recently returned from Africa with Grace, and my daughter Nanette. Quite an amazing time seeing where I grew up during my formative years. Its funny to see things at 25 compared to when you were 15. The race issues are a whole lot more complex than I saw at 15, and especially more than we see here. The rich people make less than most of our poor people here do. So my parents run a few different operations out there in Namibia. First they do a little bit of a teacher trainee program that gets locals educated in how to develop curriculum that is based off of their own culture vs. the shit that is brought in from the states. Second they run a school for 1-3rd graders whose parents are dead due to aids. They have thirty students who go to school for free or nominal fees. They add a new grade every year. Third my Dads a master potter and he operates a trade school. He makes pots and ceramics, pays people to work for him and gives them the skills to go into business for them self.

So I had a great time it was a blast, and I was hyped. For the Past year I had been involved doing two things.


Working at cress spring bakery, which by the way produces the best bread in the mid-west. Everything is organic, all the grains are ground fresh every week, all the breads are naturally fermented, all the bread is baked in a wood fired brick oven. I loved the job, learned a bunch, and the owner Jeff Ford became a real nice friend of mine.


I had been hired and approached by The Crossing Campus Ministries to assist them in opening a local fair trade eating establishment at 1127 university. It is, was awesome, I stepped down from the Catacombs as Kitchen Manager, and started working with this group. I was stoked a local foods dinner in Madison how awesome. Well I made some bad judgment calls eg. Not working full time at the place right away, not laying out clear lines of responsibilities, not explaining to them that this shit isn’t super tangible at first more of a field of dreams style thing build it then people get behind you. Whatever also the Crossing turned out not to be as gung hoe on the ideas as they were to start with. Lots of questions of liabilities, yada yada yada. now don’t get me wrong these are important questions, but if you want to do something ground breaking, something really amazing that changes peoples lives well you got to take some chances. Fact of the matter is the Crossing wasn’t willing to risk it, which is fine; they’re building their shit. They decide to pull the plug and its over.

Allot of money that I helped raise, allot of man hours that me and my friends put in, allot of my reputation went into this project. Well we learn shit the hard way sometimes huh?

Well one thing that was pretty cool was the oven I built when I was visiting my dad. He's a real cool guy and has built a lot of kilns for ceramics. We thought we give ago at a bread oven. Spend some time in Africa with my daughter. Too many pictures to put up here but go here for them (to be added soon)