Kitchen Table - Monday March 28th

For our fifth Kitchen Table dinner we are going to be serving Weisswurst with sweet mustard and pretzels. The meal will have 5 courses and be served family style. Seats for these dinners can be reserved by emailing us or calling the restaurant at 608.514.1516. Cost is $25. The menu is as follows.

Farm Dog Blue:: door county cherries
Bread-pudding:: wild mushrooms and roasted garlic,
German Potato Salad:: black olives and scalions
Weisswurst:: White sausage with parsley and lemon, served with sweet mustard and pretzels.
Dessert:: Plum cake

Cost:: $25
Date:: March 28th
Time:: 7:30
Vegetarian Option:: No


Photo by Cory Doctorow under a CC BY license