Just Coffee

We've been working with these guys before both our companies were started. Ben went down to chiapas with Mike Moon to see the growers and processing facilities. Very proud to be working with people who are so commited to equality and justice.

Just Coffee has evolved out of a partnership between activists in Madison, WI and coffee growers in Chiapas, Mexico. In 1999 Community Action on Latin America (CALA) began a sistering project with the Autonomous Municipality of Santa Catarina, Chiapas. With few resources, we began to explore ways that we could help these autonomous Mayan indigenous communities to improve their basic living conditions in an area full of intense poverty and torn with civil strife. One of the ways the people of Santa Catarina thought we could help was to assist them in selling their excellent coffee in fair markets here in the U.S.

As we watched the coffee growers of Santa Catarina work to organize their cooperative, we understood it was time to do our part. After approaching several mainstream specialty coffee roasters and importers, and noting their lack of interest in Santa Catarina’s coffee and fair trade as a business ethic, it became clear that we would need to do it on our own.

Just Coffee is dedicated to the idea of a fair exchange for all of the coffees we offer. We believe that everyone involved in the coffee chain, from the grower to the consumer, deserve to be dealt with fairly as partners. With this in mind we have bought some of the finest coffees from some of the world’s best grower cooperatives. All of our partner growers receive a fair price for their coffee, at this point 3 to 4 times more than the standard world coffee market price. All of the cooperatives we work with are democratically organized and use a portion of their proceeds to build community infrastructure such as schools and clinics. The money we save by bypassing middle-men allows us to offer our coffee to you at a competitive price while at the same time paying markedly higher prices to our grower-partners.