Jonathan at MadInteractive Food Blogging Panel

Last Thursday, May 31st, Underground Food Collective member Jonathan Hunter participated in a panel on food blogging for the MadInteractive series. There were numerous food bloggers present showcasing Madison's online food writing community. The panel was moderated by the Eating in Madison A to Z duo Nichole and JM. The panel was interesting, with questions concerning Madison restaurants and the food blogging culture.

"Foodie" debates aside, the panel really showed a great opportunity for further involvement in not only restaurant-reviewing, but in expanding blogging to incorporate a more in-depth analysis of local food issues.

If there is a disconnect between producers of food (farmers, restaurants) and consumers of food (patrons, shoppers, restaurant-reviewers), we should aim to utilize the web as a tool to increase awareness of issues, providing benefits for both parties.

We should push for all local restaurants to maintain a website with current menus, accessibility and food allergy information.

We should encourage local farmers to maintain websites and support them in hosting services or basic web development.

We should call for those active in local food politics to capture these conversations, post them online in order to connect with others who are involved or wish to be involved (here's looking to you, Underground).

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