Fountain Prairie Inn & Farms

John and Dorothy are the producers whom we get most of our beef from. They have been instrumental in teaching us of new cuts of beef and showing us ethical ways to raise cattle. I have always been impressed with their view of the complexity of sustainable systems. They often invite us out to their Inn to have dinner or spend the evening with them. Most time the libations are kept in check. From their website:

Our registered Highland cattle are raised naturally, without growth hormones or antibiotics in their feed. The cattle are free to roam our lush pastures, directly harvesting the sun's energy to produce lean, flavorful beef. Small amounts of grain are added to the steers' diet to increase marbling in the meat. As members of the Quality Highland Beef Program, our steers are processed at the age of 14 - 36 months, and the meat is allowed to age for a minimum of 14 days (we prefer 21 days). Our meat is available by individual cuts.