Dinner with Michael Pollan

This year the University of Wisconsin Humanities council featured the writer Michael Pollan. Underground Food Collective was asked to prepare a dinner on friday night (sept. 25th) for him and a few guests. Michael Pollan is such an important figure in changing the food system that the chance to make dinner for him was an honor. We really enjoyed making the meal and then after it was over we had the chance to chat with him for about an hour. I was really amazed by the humble and at ease he was talking to us and he was very funny. I've posted the menu below.

standing appetizers.

french breakfast radishes with rabbit liver pate

cheddar cracker (provided by host)


white anchovies with potters rye crackers

slow roasted heirloom tomatoes with fresh thyme and garlic fried croutons

fennel and sprouted lentils with wild hen of the woods mushrooms

fountain prairie farm veal tartare with cress spring swiss rye bread


consomme of celeriac, parsnip, parley root and shallots with sprouting acres marrow fat beans, served with fried croutons topped with veal marrow and parsley or mascarpone and roasted garlic compote


whole standing veal rib roast with roasted balsamic grapes

roasted radicchio with aged balsamic vinegar

caramelized kabocha squash with garlic and marjoram roasted cress spring country bread

dry chenin blanc braised leeks and fennel

salad and cheese.

salad of curly endive with a champagne vinaigrette


apple tartlets with cinnamon frozen custard and reduced apple cider caramel

bandaged cheddar 29 mo

japanese siphon coffee ( 100% fair trade )

shortbread cookies with plum preserves

dark chocolate