Coming to terms with cheap meat

Check out this interesting article from the New York Times food section entitled Chef's New Goal: Looking Dinner in the Eye. The piece discusses the push by chefs, most notably Jamie Oliver, to better educate the eating public about where we get our food, how the animals we eat are raised (and killed), and how much we're willing to pay for our dinner.

“A chicken is a living thing, an animal with a life cycle, and we shouldn’t expect it will cost less than a pint of beer in a pub,” said Oliver in a special television broadcast. "The only reason for the miserable lives lived by most chickens is the insistence on cheap food." There's obviously more wrapped up here than meets the eye, but no matter what we think of Jamie's celebrity, we must appreciate the pull he exerts on the Brits. The British press reported that after the Jamie Oliver broadcast, supermarkets across the United Kingdom quickly sold out of free-range eggs and chickens.

Underground Food Collective has always held this truth as self-evident, and had the opportunity this past year to naturally-raise pigs on a local farm, kill and butcher the animals, and serve a portion of the meat at a celebration dinner. While I'm no longer a member of the central collective, I applaud Underground for their tireless efforts in supporting sustainable farming and engaging in humane animal rearing (and killing). Someday you too can have a TV show.  -Tim