Catacombs is the new Subway

So Ben and I started cooking together at the Catacombs around five years ago. We tried really hard to serve local food for cheap and create a community around the space. I learned a lot about food there and eventually Tim and Mary starting cooking at the Cat as well and I think Shamus actually made a lunch there once. Underground Catering is named after the Catacombs because the space was literally underground and we needed a name. We did all of our cooking out of the space for three years of catering. I just found out a week ago that the space that Catacombs used to be is now going to be a Subway Sandwiches store. I feel pretty sick about the whole thing. And even though the people who kicked Ben and I out of the space and ran the Cat into the ground got what they had coming, it will be really hard to see the space turned into a fast food joint.