Breakfast at the winter Dane County Farmer's Market

So one of the things that we do as a collective is breakfast at the Dane County Winter Farmers Market. This has been one of the most interesting projects that we as a group have been involved in for the past three years. It started when Ben was asked by Bill Warner and Judy Hageman from Snug Haven Farm to do a breakfast for the Winter Market. The market had been struggling in feasibility for the Farmers and the Market in General. So when Ben started doing breakfast there it was an idea that would help the farmers generate income by using only food that was for sale at the market and a way to bring more people into the market. We started simple, one menu item that could be served by order to people waiting. This took some time to perfect but we were not about to use steam tables or microwaves in order to make it easier, we wanted the food to be fresh for each person served.

So now as we go into the second year of the market it seems to have worked, most of the farmers have increased there sales by over 100% and we serve around 250 to 300 people each Saturday. Ben no longer works alone but has five members from Underground Catering working along with him as well as two staff from the DCFM and a dozen volunteers. It is a great environment to work with farmers and see the products that are created from their hard work and artistry as well as creating a menu and working out the details for the service.

The Winter Market has become a community event for us, especially in terms of our relationships with the farmers who have treated us as family and the many volunteers who come in at 6:00am and chop onions for three hours.