Bikes and Barns wrap up

So I can't say enough about what a good time we had at bike the barns, the annual tour de CSA. I was involved from the beginning coming up with the idea with our quality control technician Kevin Walsh and we were able to see it be something that neither of us could have imagined. The initial response was huge and the number of people we turned away was more then i thought would ride in the first. Place, over all we had 322 riders show up and ride and another 50 people show up for lunch. I had a blast even though i wasn't able to ride the first 30 miles or so, i was busy working on lunch with the rest of the crew. But once i got on a bike around 2pm, i got to hang out with the riders and talk to the farmers on a beautiful fall day. I can say we will have a presence at this event as long as MACSAC is hosting this event. Thanks so much to everyone who was involved.