Back from NYC

We had a really great time in New York. Made so many really wonderful friends. I will post a more about the trip in a few days but I wanted to say thanks to a few folks who really helped us out. I want to thank all the people who helped make this dinner happen.

Again, big big thanks to the crew from Added Value for hosting us and providing such a beautiful venue for the Red Hook dinner. Also many thanks to Ommegang for the beer, both delicious and plentiful. Thank you to Les Hook and Nova Kim, our wild-crafting foragers ( A huge thank you too Kelly from Sweet Deliverance who let us use her kitchen all week and hosted the final dinner. And finally a great big thanks to Lee Davenport from Pamplemousse who did desserts for us all week and took dozens of photos.

Check out the write up from Serious Eats

Photos from lee