A Meal in Celebration of the Non-Industrial Pig

On the weekend of the Nineteenth Twentieth and Twenty first in october. Ben Hunter and Henry Moren in cooperation with Underground Food Collective and Lightyears Farm will be hosting a dinner at Lightyears (Dodgeville area)

We have raised a few varieties of pigs this year, red wattle, berkshire, hampshire and others all on dirt under hickory, oak, and summac, finished on the nuts of those trees as well as apples 

over the next few months we will be hosting a series of dinners all in celebration of these fine pigs

the first being held at lightyears farm a hour and 15 min from madison. very limited seating, the cost is 50 for dinner and a wine selection will be available. dinner will be at seven on fri and sat and 3 on sun.

more information soon.   -Tim